At Pearl Beach Lounge we have a one hundred and fifteen meter beach. Two pools each with their own unique atmosphere with views onto the beach and against the backdrop of Lombok’s rugged Northwestern coastline and mighty Mount Rinjani nestled in-between tropical gardens. A restaurant with an out of this world design that embraces its natural surroundings and whose flowing lines meld seamlessly with the waves on the ocean in the background.
Pearl Beach Lounge wanted to create something that embraced the island’s natural beauty and suited the tropical island feeling. We decided to build Pearl Beach Lounge with a semi permanent concept which can be removed at any time. We decided to use all natural and renewable building materials. The result is a structure with flowing organic lines that melds with the environment and its surroundings. Combining the best of Eastern and Western assets, ideas and talents these unmistakably Indonesian structures with Western comfort guarantee you a magnificent time on an idyllic sun-kissed island free of cars and motorbikes.

You will feel at home in these beautifully decorated rooms where love for detail is obvious.

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