Pituq Café is a relaxing oasis tucked away on a quiet street near the central area. Our food is inspired by cuisine from all around the World giving them a unique twist by using fresh local ingredients and by making them vegan with no additives.

Pituq Café is a relaxing oasis tucked away on a quiet street near the central area. Our food is inspired by cuisine from all around the World giving them a unique twist by using fresh local ingredients and by making them vegan with no additives. We also offer a wide selection of refreshing fresh juices and smoothies and delicious espresso coffees drinks. Kick off your shoes, sit back in our bamboo huts and enjoy your time. Check out our book shelf and our charity shop from where all profit is given to our charity to support less fortunate people in Lombok. We also offer private meditation classes and natural medicine consultation. Warmly welcome!

You’ll Love What’s On Offer…


  • 7 Veggie dip           30K/35k
    fresh vegetables, tempeh & bread sticks w/ red curry, white bean hummus, cashew-mustard & peanut sauce
  • Tofu ceviche          35k
    w/ mango, cucumber, tomato, lime, coriander & emping belinjo crackers
  • Rice paper rolls     35k
    w/ oyster mushroom, carrot, cabbage, glass noodles & pine apple dressing
  • Tortilla chips          35k
    w/ tomato-coriander salsa & cashew cream
  • Bruschetta Israeli    35k
    grilled carrot bread w/ white bean hummus, fresh salad & herbs
  • Krupuk emping belinjo     5/10k
    crackers from a fruit seed
  • Roasted peanuts      10k
    w/ limeleaf, garlic & chili


  • Jackfruit in yellow curry     50k
    w/ banana blossom, cherry tomato, long beans & baby corn served w/ rice
  • Pituq pasta      50k
    linguini w/ sugar snaps, tempe, home made tomato sauce & cashew cream
  • Pumpkin red curry wrap      50k
    eggplant, water spinach, carrot & capsicum in rye tortilla w/ coconut dip
  • Rosemary ‘moussaka’           50k
    baked potato, zucchini, eggplant, tomato, cashew-sambal & romaine salad
  • Sweet potato, lentil & coconut patty       55k
    w/ cumin-rosemary stick potatos, long bean & chili-tomato sauce
  • Pesto zoodles       60k
    zucchini, green papaya, button mushroom & cashew-basil-broccoli pesto
  • Veggie balls & cauliflower ‘rice’         55k
    ‘rice’ of cauliflower w/ homemade tomato sauce, veggie balls & sambal sauce
  • Tempe Bayam       55k
    tempe, spinach, green beans, round eggplant in galangal-chili sauce served w/ rice
  • Urap-urap w/ sweet & spicy crispy tempe      45k
    winged beans, cauliflower, broccoli, bean sprouts w/ coconut-chili sauce and rice
  • SesaMie      45k
    sesame-soy rice noodles w/ oyster mushroom, pak choy, cherry tomato & round eggplant
  • Upgrade white rice to red rice      7k
  • Portion of extra white rice/red rice      10/17k


  • Sasak kangkung-sesame sandwich     45k
    w/ creamy water spinach, sesame-soy marinated tofu, tomato & crispy garlic
  • Carrot-sunflower seed bread     45k
    w/ scrambbled tofu, sweet corn, spinach, tomato, eggplant & cashew-mustard sauce
  • Fresh watermelon salad           40k
    w/ avocado, zucchini, cherry tomato, lettuce, bread crumbs & sesame-soy dressing
  • Strawberry fields salad            40k
    w/ red lentil, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, sunflower seeds w/ mustard vinaigrette
  • Green chili papaya salad        40k
    w/ glass noodles, pak choy, capsicum, long beans, peanuts & sweet chili dressing
  • Gado-gado     40k
    water spinach, sugar snaps, cabbage, potato, carrot, lontong & peanut sauce


  • 7 Fruit dip       35/40k
    fresh seasonal fruits w/ peanut, dark chocolate, lime-vanilla coconut & rujak sauce
  • Fudgy brownie dream cup    40k
    w/ vanilla-coconut cream, pumpkin puree and salted coconut caramel
  • Banana-oats cake       40k
    w/ cashew cream filling & dark chocolate-coconut frosting
  • Starberry-anise        35k
    strawberry, starfruit, watermelon, mint, star anise, vanilla & cashew-peanut cream
  • Dragonfruit no-bake cake      35k
    dragonfruit, lime, almond, coconut cream w/ dates & koro nut base


  • MENU    90k
    Choose any coffee or fresh juice mix and pair it with your choice of 1 savory and 1 sweet (small) dish from the list below


  • Veggie ball wrap    50k
    w/ zucchini, avocado, lettuce, tomato & cashew-sambal in a rye meal tortilla
  • Scrambled tofu    50k
    w/ sweet corn, cherry tomato, water-spinach bread & peanut sauce
  • Mock Sausage    50k
    w/ white beans in tomato sauce, carrot bread, fresh salad & white bean hummus


  • Strabana bowl    35/50k
    strawberry, banana & passion fruit smoothie bowl w/ granola & flax seeds
  • Mangga bowl      35/50k
    mango, lime & oats smoothie w/ pine-apple, honeymelon & almonds
  • Fruity lime coco    35/50k
    marinated fruits, granola & lime & vanilla-coconut cream
  • Dragon Bowl        35/50k
    dragonfruit, banana, lime & coconut milk smoothie w/ granola & chia seeds

What makes Pituq different…


  • Natural healing consultation   50k+
    Any type of physical or mental illness can be healed with natural medicine. Consult our healer to prevent or cure illnesses with the natural medicine & instructions provided to you.
  • Open meditation class 1 h     150k
  • Private meditation class 1h   250k
    Learn the ways to cleanse your soul to be able to enjoy an indestructible
    sense of well-being while engaging in any life activity. Classes include an
    introduction to meditation, practicing the accurate breathing technique,
    learning to clear your mind and body from impurities with the help of
    meditation and a discussion to guide you to a better life.

* All profit from consultation and meditation classes will be given to Pituq Charity to support less fortunate families, children and elderly people in Lombok.

  • Dreadlocks / Hair brading (price depends on the material & time used)   100k
    Give your hair the Gili island look with dreadlock(s) that can be decorated
    w/ coloured strings, beads, sea shells and feathers.

We care about the nature and try to do our part to reduce the
amount of waste on the island by recycling various materials.

If you have any items that mught be suitable for us to reuse, please don’t
hesitate to bring them to Pituq Café. Some of these items include:

– Clothes or accessories: (no underwear or swimwear)
We will sell part of it as second hand clothing
from which all profit will go to donations and those suitable
for the people in Lombok will be donated to them in need.
– Glass jars or bottles with lids
– Plastic jars or bottles with lids

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