Live it up, drink it down… It’s time to party Gili Trawangan!

Gili Trawangan Party Guide

Each night of the week, with the exception of a Thursday, one of the bigger bars hosts the party, closing at 3am instead of the usual time of 1am. Kind of like a weekly party schedule. As the parties at these select bars only start getting busy around 11pm, it is essential that you know where the best pre-drinking bars are. 


So first up, here are Gili T’s best pre-drinking bars:

Pre drinking bars Gili T

Lava Bar, Gili Beach Bum Hotel. This open bar right on the beach always has an incredible vibe, good music and good people that will pull you in and make you not want to leave. The LAVA boys keep you entertained with their break dancing, while in between serving you with tasty cocktails and affordable drinks! 

TIP: Every Thursday night, Lava bar has buy one get one free on all vodka and gin drinks between 8pm – 10pm.

Jungle Bar

Jungle Bar – Lets go hunting! Jungle is right next to the night market on the 2nd floor above JM’s Steakhouse. Home of the cheapest happy hour on the island, the famous Jungle drinking challenge and the best drinking games to get you on the right buzz for the big party! 

TIP: Their happy hour is every day of the week from 8pm – 10pm.


Irish Bar – Tir Na Nog: Other than the fact that the Irish bar is Gili T’s first and biggest bar, do you really need a reason to make the Irish bar your pre-drinking choice? We think not. It wouldn’t be an Irish bar if it wasn’t always ready to get the night going. 

TIP: Sundays are Ladies night at the Irish bar and therefore you can get buy one get one free cocktails.



Gili Castle Youth Hotel: Of course our pre-drinking list would not be complete without adding a hostel bar. Gili Castle is always ready to start a party and often start the night early with beer pong or other fun drinking games. 

TIP: They also throw the best pool parties and are perfect to grab a bite size snack before you head out, like their very delicious chicken bombs.



Broken Compass Youth Hotel: Broken Compass is yet another fun hostel bar that will get you going for the night. They are famous for their ping-pong tournaments if you want to do more than just sit around and drink. 

TIP: Broken Compass is the hostel with the best food menu on the island. They make hearty meals that will make you miss home more than you should. Our favourite is their Yorkshire Burgers and Sunday Roast.

Which nights are party nights on Gili Trawangan?

Monday nights are an island favourite and you can guarantee Blue Marlin is always packed. Dive shop during the day, party place during the night.

Blue Marlin night is not to be missed!

Gili Trawangan Party

Jiggy Bar knows how to throw an awesome party night!

Starting off with beer pong and ending with the sweet tunes from some of the best dj’s on the island.

Gili Trawangan Party

Irish bar is probably the biggest bar on the island with a beach front and across the street party section. Parties here get insanely big and crazy.

It’s always fun ending up at the Irish bar dancing barefoot in the sand. 

Gili Trawangan Party Irish Bar

Thursday is a free day. There is no allocated party night, but all bars are still open till 1am. So pick your favourite and never let the party die.

Gili Trawangan Party

One of the biggest party nights of the week with a live band going till 3am. The band gets everyone going and keeps it that way right until the party finishes!

New Rudy’s is kind of like Gili T’s own super club.

Gili Trawangan Party New Rudys

Sama Sama Reggae Bar is loved by all. Live band with a chilled reggae vibe to kick off the night then turning into an upbeat party around 1am when the DJ comes on!

Gili Trawangan Party Sama Sama

Really relaxed vibes from the live band on the beach to having a chill game of beer pong while you wait for the dance floor to get busy.

Late at night it becomes a street party as you can see in the photo.

Gili Trawangan Party Evolution Bar

BONUS: The Ultimate Party Animal

To the ultimate party animals out there, your party experience is not complete without a Jiggy Boat Party and a Dark or Full Moon Party.

Jiggy Boat parties are twice a week on a Wednesday and Saturday from 2pm – 7pm. Sail around the Gili’s and Lombok in a giant trimaran with 120 like minded party animals? Hell yeah!

Every full and dark moon, so twice a month, there’s a huge party down at Ombak bar till around 3 – 4am. Why? Because who doesn’t love an excuse to party on the beach with a new crowd of people and fire dancers under a beautiful moon.

Party Goers Guide to Gili T! All the hotspots you need to know.

Did anyone say drunk-food?

If drunk food is your favourite type of food, then you’ll love us for this info. Who doesn’t like to grab a bite to eat after your big night out with your new friends? Here are your best drunk-food options on Gili T:

  • Gili Dogs – For mouth watering hot dogs and panini’s
  • Creperie – Both sweet and savoury to suit everyone’s taste buds. 
  • Le Petite – To get your burger fix
  • Little Italy – Of course there has to be pizza on this list 
  • Mama Rosa – A local warung with both western and local dishes at good prices
  • Warung Sampoerna – A 24 hour warung with the best local food options
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