Interested in visiting all three Gili islands on your holiday? Here are your island hopping options:


Island Hopping between the Gili’s

If you want to travel from one Gili to another, there are 3 options; You can either use the public slow boat service, the public fast boat service or arrange a private speed boat.

Gili Island Hopping Public Slow Boat:

The public boats between the 3 Gili Islands run twice a day. Around 9am in the morning and then again around 3pm in the afternoon.

Depending on which island you go to, the tickets range from IDR 25 000 to IDR 35 000 per ticket. Tickets can be bought directly at the harbour ticket office before your journey. 

For the updated schedules and exact timing visit the local harbour ticket office.

Gili Island Hopping Public Speed Boat:

The public speedboat runs almost every hour between all three Gili’s. Tickets are IDR 85 000 per person one way no matter to which Gili you’re going to.

Make sure you ask for the public speedboat tickets. At Gili Air and Gili Meno these tickets can be bought at the local harbour ticket office, whereas in Gili Trawangan these tickets should be bought from the small ticket office close to the jetty. 

Gili Island Hopping Private Speed Boat:

If you prefer to travel between the three Gili islands in your own private speedboat, simply go to the harbour and ask around for one of the speedboats to take you. The price is around IDR 300 000 – IDR 350 000 per boat.

The speedboats leave from the jetties, so that’s where you’ll find the captains. 

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