Theres a lot of awesome stuff to do on Gili T but if you enjoy a good party, make sure you put the following on your must do list.

  • Jiggy Jigs hosts the most epic boat parties and is a major must do on the island! Twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays. If your interested here’s what you’ll be in for!
  • 5-hour sail around the 3 Gilis, beautiful swim stop in Lombok, free shot rounds and drink on the boat. Then to top it off sail into the sunset back to the shore for after party at Jiggys.
  • Vodka Joss shot!! Never heard of it? Don’t panic, you’ll fall in love after your first one! Its world famous in the Gili’s and its exactly what you need to get you pumped for the night ahead. You have to try it at least once!
  • Grab a drink and a seat on the beach once the party’s finished and watch the sunrise. This one is undebatable, it just has to be done, you will not regret it or ever forget it.

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